Where LNZ breedz go

I hope that this will explain clearly enough how to install my "For Easy LNZ:" external-lnz original game Breedz packages, as well as how to put LNZ breedfile downloads into your game.

When you download a LNZ breed, check the readme to see which External-lnz package it needs.
If you haven't done so already, download and install the relevant package for your version of the game from my "For Easy LNZ: Orig C3 Breedz" (or Orig D3 Breedz or Orig C4 Breedz or Orig D4 Breedz or Orig C5 Breedz or Orig C5 Breedz) pages.

If you installed your game without choosing some special place to put it, the game will have been installed into the default location.

Catz 3 or Dogz 3 Default Location is:
C:\Program Files\PF.Magic\Petz 3\

Catz 4 or Dogz 4 Default Location is:
C:\Program Files\PF.Magic\Petz 4\

Catz 5 or Dogz 5 Default Location is:
C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\Studio Mythos\Petz 5\

When you unpack your basic External-lnz original-breed package, unzip it into that main Petz 3 or Petz 4 or Petz 5 directory. The unzipper should make the subdirectories:


where ## are two letters which are different for each breed. See below for which breed creates which ## directory. Within that ## directory you will find two LNZ files; ##.lnz and ##kit.lnz or ##pup.lnz.

Also you will find, in the main Petz 3 or Petz 4 or Petz 5 directory, a .dog or .cat file has been unpacked and, in some cases, a bitmap or two. Place these in your game's directory:

If you download soundfiles for these breedz, the sounds (WAV and TXT) files should go into the \ptzfiles\dog\##\ or \ptzfiles\cat\##\ directory also.

So, when you've installed your external-lnz base breedz, you need never bother with that part again. Just download your chosen LNZ breedfile from my site or from one of the other sites such as Daniel's Easypetz site or Sue's Boardwalkerz Petz unpack it and place the two or four LNZ files into the correct \ptzfiles\dog\##\ or \ptzfiles\cat\##\ directory.

As with any overwriting breedfile, of course, you will have to move your originals and any other overwriting files to somewhere safe while using the one you've just downloaded.

Here's a list of which breedz create which \ptzfiles\dog\##\ or \ptzfiles\cat\##\ directories off of your Petz 3 or Petz 4 or Petz 5 one:

German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
Jack Russell

Alley Cat
B+W Shorthair
Chinchilla Persian
Desert Lynx
Egyptian Mau
Honey Bear
Japanese Bobtail
Maine Coon
Orange Shorthair
Russian Blue
Scottish Fold