My Babyz Harem sets

These "harem" items are just a bit of fun, in case anyone is upset by the idea. My babyz love dressing up, and they seem to enjoy my more glittery or diaphanous items. I usually have three babyz in the game at once, and often it is one boy and two girls or vice versa. I think the funniest time was when I had two girls in the game who were having fun with a pile of clothes -- and they dressed Rameses in harem pants and a belly-bow... LOL...
Here you see Anniebear's
adorable Tevyn modelling the gold dress along with the spiky head-dress and a belly jewel. You can see that she enjoys belly-dancing!
Gold Harem dress
gold harem dress

Here you see my lovely Callys, from Lain
modelling the spiky collar and head-dress along with a belly bow. The white diaper is not a harem item :-)
spiky headdress
spiky collar
gold and ruby navel-bow
gold navel gem

More to come...