whomst the fuck

cécile (formerly shazza) | twenty-nine | genderfluid/any pronouns

i live in the mountains in wester washington on a homesteading commune with my husband and best friend where we breed mainly show/fur rabbits and various breeds of rare chickens. i also have non-farm pets: two dogs (hoxton and freyja), two cats (mirage and anathema), a useless barn cat (kismet), a bearded dragon (spats), and several various species of snake. i am Very Goth, Very Queer, and Moderately Disabled and you will deal with that, thanks.

my main hobbies are animal husbandry, knitting, showing rabbits, cosplaying/sewing, walking in the woods, houseplants, writing, reading, and my actual paying job is as a hide tanner/taxidermist!

i've been playing petz since the mid-90s and have made the rounds on petz-related forums and other platforms during that time. i was most active on PCG (second highest post count lol), and PKC, and lately i lurk on whiskerwick and the PCG/WW discords. i haven't played petz in several years but i'm trying to get back into it because it's a nice relaxing thing to do at the end of the day to wind down. i was never super popular for anything other than running my mouth and being a weeaboo, but i like to dabble in hexing, breeding, and doing graphic design sometimes.

i'm old and only know how to talk about rabbits these days but i'm doing my best.