Do you have or know a pet or site that is really special, but doesn't get the fame it deserves? The solution is simple: place it in the spotlights here! You can either submit your own pet or site, or somebody else's. A pet or site can only get spotlighted once, but will get a graphic award to go with it, so they can boast about it for many years to come. So, you ask, how do I make a suggestion for the spotlights? It's simple: fill out the form below, send it to, and wait. If you're submitting a pet, please include pictures; if you're submitting a site, include its address. I will contact the winner just before they are published on here. The amount of time a pet or site will be spotlighted can differ - basically, they will remain featured untill a new worthy submission is made. You can see all previously spotlighted petz and sites here.

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You can find Labz Galore here.

"I think Labz Galore is a really well laid out site and I've always gotten my petz or at least an email explaining delays within a reasonable time. The site has been up with out fail every time I've gone to it for the past 3 years or so. I've always found that Emma is really polite, nice, reasonable as well. I enjoy going to Labz Galore even if I'm not adopting because it's fun to look at as well." - Shade