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Do you enjoy being told you did a good job on your site, or do you just want a little feedback? Then it's a review you want! I'll review your website based on layout, content, personality and overall impression, which can add up to a maximum of 100 points. Under each section, I will list a few pluses and minuses that have contributed to your score. You'll also get a little graphic award! Please keep in mind that it might take me a long, long time to get to doing your review - I can't find the time and motivation for a lengthy review just any day.


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Havoc (7/5/07) - 92/100
Zirkus (7/8/07) - 71/100
Petz Dreamz (4/9/07) - 86/100
MLCK (7/12/07) - 79/100
PixiMyst (20/8/08) - 94/100
Blitzy Dream Kennelz (21/8/08) - 63/100
Spot Stop Kennels and Cattery (21/8/08) - 68/100
Life's a Dance (11/1/09) - 70/100
Lighthouse (26/4/10) - 70/100
NightShade's Petz (21/1/11) - 55/100
HiMi Petz Shop (22/11/11) - 62/100

Sites that have closed, disappeared or have been re-reviewed will be removed from this list. Scores under 50/100 will not be displayed without permission.