Picture Gallery

Who doesn't love neat petz pictures? That's right, everbody loves them. Thus, for your viewing pleasure, here's a whole gallery of different kinds of petz pictures. Yay! If you mouse-over the pictures, some of them will show a description or quote. And, of course, I will take your submissions. If you send me any pictures that strike me as remarkably funny or cute, I might put them up here.

Cute pictures

Pet me. Pet me here, NOW.

Oh man, I freaking love when persian do this!

Baroo? Prrreow!

I can be a cali too!! Puppy... err, kitty eyes! Aww, you can tell that's his favourite plushie! This was when I decided they were going to stay with me, instead of get adopted out, hehe.

Funny pictures

Is he... is he looking at my bum? Help! My ears are attacking me!


A glue-legged strotter, sumbitted by Aidan @ Smuggle. It was the cat.

Dance! DANCE! DANCE?!?!

Do you mind? Trying to strangle someone here. Five paws up! But... how?

I REFUSE to look at you, you stupid ball. Good heavens, look at the time!

Come closer, and fight like a man! Use your eyeballs to absorb extra nutrients.

Petz gone Picasso.

Your face annoys me. - You're so cute when you're angry!