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Update: 14th of April, 2018

Sorry about the stretch of inactivity - my laptop was broken and I couldn't get to any of my files, but I'm back in the game now! Cubiculum, Emmelie, Millimeter and Omawari were adopted. There is one new dog litter and one new submitted cat litter.

Adoption count: 130
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Catch up on reviews
Write alternative poses guide
Finish visual breeds guide
Add visuals to wishlist
Update image galleries
Reformat Win subpages


Clique from a site that has closed.

Made by GingerJazzCatzZ! Made by GingerJazzCatzZ! My kitty Tomcat, by GingerJazzCatzZ!

Clique from the late Smoochies.
Clique from the late Gorgonzola.