Cat Singles

Singles! They're just like litters, but without the siblings. Some were bred as a fluke, some are leftovers, some were specifically bred when I wasn't in the mood to do a whole litter. Enough babbling, scroll down already!


- When showing, keep LF's in the prefix.
- Don't put up for download, auction, or sale.
- When no longer wanted, MPA or return to me instead.
- Do not hex/brex/edit in any way without my explicit permission.
- You may change the pet's gender and name.
- All are freebies, unless stated otherwise.
- If you don't fill out the form properly, I may ignore your application.
- There's a limit of two singles adoptions per week.


Which pet:
From page:

Send the above form to Do not use this form for litter adoptions.


Blanca had a home but got returned, and is now looking for a forever home! Based off the Animal Crossing character, requires two external textures. Small application desired.


This little guy looks like an alley cat, but has an oshie personality! Full set of hidden patches. I really like his matching eye colour! Small application desired.


Can you believe how cool this eye color looks! Mini, pictured at age 100.


What a gracious, pretty creature! The pink eyes add a warm touch. Small application desired.