Recycle Bin

Are you stuck with petz you don't want to keep, but that are too good to delete? Or are you just feeling lucky and want to take a chance? If so, the recycle bin is your cup of tea! It's a very simple concept: you send in petz to be recycled, and will receive randomly selected petz from the bin in return. It's like a neverending swap! The bin currently contains hundreds of petz, from yours truly as well as from many others (including some very generous donations). So you'll never know what you might get!


- Catz or dogz, hexies or mixies, everything goes on one big pile.
- You can send in up to five petz at a time.
- You get two petz for every one pet you send in.
- You have no control over who gets your pet after you submit it!
- Please do not send in petz that require extra (breed)files to work.
- Please be responsible with your submissions. Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise!


Exchanging # petz:
Version of the game:

Send the above form to to play, and don't forget to attach the .pet files!