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Welcome to the cat litters page! Here, you will mostly find persian, calico, meezer and alley mixies, but there's a little bit of every breed. My aim is to constantly have a large amount of nicely varied litters up, so if you don't find anything that steals your heart - check back soon! I might have added something new in mean time. And if you're up to it, you can always request a litter on my crew site!


- When showing, keep LF's in the prefix.
- Don't put up for download, auction, or sale.
- When no longer wanted, MPA or return to me instead.
- Do not hex/brex/edit in any way without my explicit permission.
- You may change the pet's gender and name.
- All are freebies, except the ones marked with an asterisk.
- You can take up to two petz per litter.
- If you don't fill out the form properly, I may ignore your application.
- There's no overall limit, but please be reasonable.


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Females wear bows or something else on top of their head, males are bare.
The newest litters are at the bottom of the page.

Simba calicos
Lobster - Donald Trunk - Mr. Bean - Private - Sleepy Joe

LF's first hexed litter, yay! You can see what they look like as adults on my archive. Each requires one external texture, which will be sent along with the pet. These kitties are NOT compatible with Petz 5 due to the dimensions of the textures used!

Etosha x Leap
*Sordid - *Sad - Somber - Sluggish - Sorrowful

Oh my, I'm very pleasantly surprised and pleased with how this litter turned out, haha. They all have nice big fat feet and tails, and have at least a face streak and chest pacth - probably a tail tip too, but I neglected to check. Sad is quickly growing on me, and I might keep him if he isn't taken soon!

Vanity x Zucker
Brazen - Brawn - Brusque - Brute - Brash

Requested by Susanna! There's some funky genetics here, I'm not sure where the alleys came from, but they turned out too cute to pass up. It's a little hard to see, but Brawn has a face streak.

Vida x Toy
Jiggle - Giggle - Biggle - Squiggle - Wiggle

Requested by Mercy! I didn't have much luck getting Toy's body type to pass on, but the other kittens came out so pretty too! They all have a full set of patches.

Shakira x Jargon
Triclinum - Tablinum - Peristylum - Atrium - Cubiculum

Requested by Prince! Shakira doesn't have any patches, so most of these kitties are lacking them or don't have a full set. They're still cute, though! My favourite has to be Atrium, I love the bicolour look and selfie lids.

Labour x Friend
Nutte Sac - Dillsack - Dongfish - Horngus - Scungle

Gotta love shorthairs! All have a full set of patches and - except for Horngus - beautiful big pooftails. And aren't Nutte Sac's little chinchilla ears just so cute?!

Conmigo x Rinous
Pigibanku - Spargris - Tirelire - Celengan - Pengegrisen

Requested by Koolkathan! The dusty kittens all have a full set of patches, not sure about the white ones. Pigibanku and Celengan are classic calicos, the rest all have some cute swapped body parts.

Powderpuff x Scratch
Nobody - *Nincompoop - Nitwit - Nerd - Noob

Requested by Bec! All of them have at least a face streak and a chest patch. Be warned: this litter is full of oshie personalities!

Big x Birdie
*Rice - Nice - Dice - Lice - Mice

Requested by Susanna! Nice, Dice and Mice are big kitties, Lice is a normal size, and Rice is slightly mini. Mice has fun hidden alley patches!

Oddball x Fox
Jowl - Fowl - *Howl - Bowl - Cowl

Requested by Thor! All have a full set of patches, except for Bowl, who is missing a face streak. Cowl has an ugly-cute potato body. Jowl and Howl are all persian, looks-wise.

Sleepy x Vanity
Aflame - Afloat - Alight - Alive - Aloft

Requested by Susanna! Aflame really has the dark and mysterious look down. There are a lot of different personalities in this litter, from the cheerful Alight to the ornery Afloat. Will throw alley cats and coons when bred!

Burn x Joke
Lexicology - Etymology - Dialectology - Diachronics - Pragmatics

Requested by Teki10! There's not a lot of white patches in this litter, but each of these kittens is still cute in its own right! Dialectology has a very nice old-school feel. And Pragmatics has pretty selfie lids and matching eyes!

Melody x Feather
Polish - Clean - Rinse - Scrub - Wash

Requested by Susanna! Just some cute, classic calicos. They all have a face streak and tail tip, but no chest patch. Scrub has black eyelids, the rest are all selfie!

Tiger x Wix
Sudoku - Nonogram - Kumiki - Kakuro - Yosegi

Requested by Susanna! All of the kittens have some white patches, but none have a full set - most of them are missing the chest patch. Nonogram's eyes are perfect on that coat!

Blitz x Heartbeat
Dime - Penny - Buck - Dollar - Nickel

Requested by Susanna! Dime is patchless, the rest all have at least a face streak and chest patch. Love those big fluffy feet!

Love x Pyre
Trot - Prance - Skip - Hop - Strut

Requested by Teki10! Strut has a full set of hidden white patches. Skip and Hop have cute rounded ears. Trot's eye color looks great with that coat!