About LF

Running a petz site was a very old dream of mine. Before Litterz Factory, I had a site called Arie's Catz Site (ACS) which never really got anywhere past my own desktop. Nevertheless, I loved putting it together. Years later, in late 2005, I reinstalled Petz on my computer, and the wish to run a petz site returned. And thus, in late March 2006, Litterz Factory came to be! Originally, it was a Petz 5-only site hosted on Freewebs, but in 2007 it got hosted on a private domain and finally changed to Petz 3+. In 2016, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, LF even moved to its own domain!

Content-wise, I focus on bred adoptions of different breeds; I want to be able to offer everybody something to their liking. However, I think sites that offer nothing but adoptions are a tad boring. A visit doesn't last for more than five, maybe ten minutes. That's why I try my best to offer a lot of interactive content. Somebody once described Litterz Factory as "petzy and traditional" - and that's exactly what I want it to be like!

If there's anything you'd like to learn about, just let me know and I might write a little bit about it.

Past layouts

Below are clickable thumbnails of most of LF's past layouts. Hover your mouse over them for a brief description.

Version 1: Fifi. It was very simple, boring even, but hey - I was too busy getting the coding right to spend much time on a pretty look. Version 2: Scribbles. This took me forever to code (you can laugh at me now). There was a different picture under the menu on every page! Version 3: Francien. Isn't it cute? The drawing of the cat is by Francien van Westering. Version 5: Marv. A simple, petzy layout that stuck around for a long time. Version 6: Lace. I was never sure wether I liked this layout much, but it did its job. Version 7: Maroon. Nice and simple. Version 8: Blue Cream. Loved the colour scheme and background. Version 9: Houndstooth. With rotating images in the bottom right (other options shown below the screenshot). I was sad to see this one go! Version 10: Fifth Birthday. Made this to celebrate the fact that LF had been around for five whole years. Version 11: Luvz. A lovey dovey layout that stuck around for a long time. Version 12: Here is the News. I really liked this layout, probably my favourite ever. I only changed it because I felt like it had been much, much too long, haha. Version 13: Sunny Paisley.

Below are miscellaneous other layouts from my hand.

I made this for Malyssa's crew site, called Slobber. A reconstruction (I still had the images, but no coded page) of my past crew site TNCS. The past layout of my crew site, Schat. I loved it, but it was a pain to browse.


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75/100 - Kristina at Conquest
90/100 - Anita at PixiMyst
50/50 - Scribble at Harvest
92/100 - Rylee at Petz Dreamz
96/100 - Dane at Havoc
110/100 - Chelsea at Infinite Abyss


I do appreciate all gifts I get, but I like personal things the most - so much even, that they get shown off here!

My SGCh Vaire, as drawn by Mrrple from the AAP forum. A drawing of Mike (who I traded for this), by Frankie @ Relapse. A very sweet gift from my friend Lily (and her petz) for Christmas '08. This is a very nice thank-you gift from Chelsea @ Infinite Abyss. A gift from Lily to me on my 21st birthday. Ici and Hawn, as drawn by Lily. How cute, I love their faces! A gift from Angeltanya @ Slushie for Christmas '09. The dog in the image is Bird, the additional present! From Chelle @ Stumbled to Litterz Factory on its fourth birthday. :) From Angel @ Ooze to Litterz Factory on its fourth birthday! From Lily, for my 22nd birthday! Strawberry, as portrayed by Cyove! :) A gift from Lily for the '10 holiday season. The very cute graphic Lily made when my dog Libbit went over for a playdate! All the pretty cards I received in PCG's 2011 holiday card exchange! Sorry about the flash, it was either that or total darkness. A very cute drawing of Mural - by Perichan! A gift from Pip @ Citrus for LF's 5th anniversary! Isn't it sweet? A graphic of all the petz Lily's adopted from me over the years, her gift for my 23rd birthday! I love it, it's like a petz version of Where's Waldo! From Aidan@Smuggle, for Christmas 2011. Came with the kitty pictured! From Lily, for Christmas 2011. :) A lovely gift from Abby @ Aura! Another birthday gift from Lily! :) Birthday gift from Lily. Cranberry reportedly insisted on being on his old owner's card, haha. Some super cute and super unique art of my kitty Ute, done by Delighy! A precious little card from Kristina, featuring her gifts to me for Christmas '15! A very mysterious and anonymous card I received for Valentine's day 2016. A very mysterious and anonymous card I received for Valentine's day 2016. An outrageously cute drawing by Kelpie, depicting my first hexed file, the Summer Coon. A cute little Christmas card from Deannieangelini, 2016. Ute, as drawn by Ringor Mortis! Love it! Ute, as drawn by Bird. She looks so lazy, and look at that little tongue!

Other things

I'm not sure where to put these, but they're still worth a look.

A very fun Petz Meme from PixiMyst. My real-life petz stuff, minus Catz I and Dogz I. The plushie is called Jasper. I placed 3rd in a breeding contest with a kitty named Fiddle, who has been MPA'd since.