Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried my best to make every aspect of my site obvious and easy to understand, but sometimes, people still keep asking me the same question. That's why I set up this page. Of course, if you have a question that isn't answered here, don't be shy and just ask me!


Q: Do you want to be my sister site?
A: Sorry, I don't do the sister site thing anymore. I loved the sisters I had but I was never that into the whole sibling thing. I'd be happy to just exchange links, though!

Q: Why is your crew site called "Schat"? What does it mean?
A: "Schat" is a Dutch (my native language) noun, meaning either "treasure" or "darling", depending on the context you use it in. I thought it was quite appropriate!


Q: My pet didn't place in your show, but I know for a fact it had a good pose. Why didn't it place?
A: It's most likely someone else's pose was just a tiny bit better, or I placed a hard-to-pose oshie over your easy-to-pose coon if their poses were equally good. Whatever it is, if you think you could win, just keep trying! I always hate it when I have to turn down poses that would deserve an award, but just can't place because there are too many good entries.

Q: In a lot of your pose shows, you have placed multiple petz from the same person. Are you favouring them?
A: No, I'm not favouring anyone, no need to worry about that! When judging, I don't pay any attention to the petz' info, it's just their pictures and nothing else. When multiple petz from the same person place, it's because that person did an excellent job posing their petz.

Q: How do I pick up my show awards?
A: Just go to Win, Shows, Past Winners, and scroll down. If you don't see an award for your pet, unfortunately, you didn't win. If a new show has been judged in the meantime, you can take a look in the archive to see if your pet won, and email me to get your award.

Q: Do you accept left-facing poses or puppies/kittens in your shows?
A: Yes. If the rules don't say I don't accept it, I do.


Q: Can I apply for multiple petz at once?
A: Yes, that is fine. But please fill out a seperate form for each, so it's less confusing for me.

Q: Will I get banned from your adoptions if I adopt too many?
A: You'll have to go a long way to get completely banned! I don't usually do that unless you are breaking my rules and ignoring my warnings on purpose. If I think you are a bit too greedy or are breaking the rules, I'll warn you first and/or ignore your applications for a while.

Q: Will you do a co-litter with me?
A: That depends. I won't do it with complete strangers, but if we've talked before and I trust you enough to lend you my petz, then sure!


Q: It's been ages since I sent you a form. Have you forgotten?
A: No, certainly not! I will get back to you, but sometimes it just takes a while before a show or contest fills up enough to judge, untill I have time to do a review, and so on.

Q: When you reply to my email, it's from a different adress!
A: That's because I have LF's email adress forwarded to my personal mailbox, and I reply from there. You can use either adress to get in touch with me, I just gave LF its own because it would look better on the site.

Q: I don't want a review, but I still want feedback for my site...
A: Sure, no problem. Just ask! I'd be glad to help out.

Q: Where did you get the special bows some petz are wearing in their adoption pictures?
A: I use a bunch of different clothes from Middle Night, Cottontails, Diversity, Medusa and Vampyre.