Smilie Chihuahuas
These were basically just paintball practice, but I also entered them in Pinto's anonymous hexing contests where the public had to guess who hexed what. Took the plebs forever to figure out who entered this file. Good times. July 2016.

Availability: retired
Customizable: eyes/marking/tongue colour
Taken: 254, 89, 153, 182, 130 (all pictured)


Ty Dalis
This file was inspired by this adorable plush toy, hence the name! I hexed it for Ali's unpopular textures hexing contest and used redrib (on the black spots) and terrypink. Maybe not the most complex hex, but sometimes less is more! August 2017.

Availability: available
Customizable: eyes/spot outline colour or texture
Taken: 77/terrypink, 164/251, 50/50, 112/112, 134/134 (all pictured)


More coming soon!